And with that, we’re out!

Well, everyone, we’re sorry to have to say this…

Our building has a new owner, and our lease is up on December 31st. It looks like the lease won’t be renewed.

*Update- :( looks like the whole building’s being emptied out and turned in to a law firm. We wish the best of luck to the other people we had the luck and joy to work with for these past 6 years.*

We’d all like to take a moment to thank all of our clients, friends, and everyone that’s ever stopped by. We loved our spot, and we fought hard to keep it. Seems like the universe decided that it’s time to play elsewhere.

We love all of you, and wish everyone the best 2015 possible!

Everyone at Epicenter

Chair available!

Award Winning Salon Seeking Talented Hairstylist For FT Lease
(Lower East Burnside)

We are a high quality, eco-friendly hair salon on the happenin’ lower east Burnside: newly featuring an available chair for a qualified stylist.

We work with the latest trends, practice the best techniques, and are proud representatives of the Davines and Kevin Murphy product lines.

At Epicenter, we are dedicated artists who work independently and as a team.

You must:
*Hold a current Oregon State Hair Design License
*Possess an active clientele
*Be available for full-time chair lease
*Desire to refine skills through continuing education
*Be an awesome, reliable and responsible professional

You should exhibit exceptional customer service skills, take pride in your work, and have a team-oriented mindset.

We are offering a great opportunity for the right individual.

If you wish to join our team, please inquire via email,

**This position is available ASAP

Davines Oi- Beauty For All Hair Types

Epicenter is proud to be featuring Oi, the new Davines line for all hair types. The Oi line features Roucou oil, from the Amazon, which has restructuring properties on all hair types. Roucou Oil is rich in beta-carotene, with antioxidant and restructuring properties, and also assists with neutralizing free-radicals.


We’re thrilled to offer the Oi shampoo & conditioner, which can be used as you use your current shampoo & conditioner, as well as the Oi Milk. Spray the All In One Milk on damp hair for deep moisturizing & thermal protection.

Full Oi Line

Protect your hair with Su

Summer months can be rough on hair- in just one day you can encounter heat, direct sun, chlorine, salt water and wind. Each one of these on its own can fade hair color, or leave your hair stringy & dry.

Protect your hair with Su, from Davines. Each item contains HAIRSPHERE®, a system based on microscopic capsules, known as spherulites, containing precious ingredients such as avocado oil and fatty acids, which nourish, repair and protect hair. These spherulites stay attached to the hair surface even after rinsing, and gradually release their active principles to nourish sun-stressed hair.

Product use varies by item. For washes & conditioners, use as you would any shampoo & conditioner. For leave-in creams, apply a few pumps to the ends of dry hair for SPF-like protection.

Su- protect your color.

Su- protect your color.

Shine On



Are you ready for some sun, Portland? We’re now offering Kevin.Murphy’s Shimmer Bug- add this temporary bronze powder to your hair for instant highlights!

Start by applying Easy Rider (or something similar) to your hair- that way the Shimmer Bug can pack more punch and last longer. Swipe the Shimmer Bug over your hair for fast pick me up for your hair color!

As if this ray of sunshine wasn’t good enough, from now until July 15th, 2013, each Shimmer Bug comes with a “golden ticket”- 5 lucky winners will be chosen to win a new Macbook Pro! Details at their site:

I can’t live without…


Damage Manager

“Kevin.Murphy’s Damage Manager,” says our bookeeper, Chelsea.

“I’m not a stylist- sometime’s I’m accidentally rough on my hair. I don’t mean to be, and Lincoln (my stylist) had to trim split ends regularly because I’d brush roughly, or hold the hairdryer too close to my hair, for too long. I’ve been using Damage Manager for a year, and you can definitely see the improvement in my hair. I have fewer frizzies, my hair is less poofy after blow drying and I definitely have less breakage.”

Damage Manager can be used with any product- when you’re finished washing & adding products, just spray all of your hair (spraying from approximately one foot away from hair). Then heat style as needed.

Looking to refresh your hair, but not washing it? No problem- just spray Damage Manager on your hair and dry briefly before flat ironing or curling.

Featured Product- Repair Your Hair

Melu Line


Split ends happen. No one likes to bring them up, but we’ve all had them- be it from enjoying a summer pool, or overzealous brushing, they pop up.

Fight them with the Davines Melu line. Spinach extract remineralizes, strengthens & conditions, anionic resins provide thermal protection, Keratin fills existing split ends & apricot butter hydrates & smooths.

Want another bonus? Quatenium-08, found in each product, is an anti-static miracle that can speed up total drying time.

To use, gently massage the shampoo in to damp hair and rinse. Repeat if needed. Follow with Melu conditioner, applying a small amount starting at your ears and working downwards. Leave on a few minutes and rinse. Pat your hair dry with a towel, apply a few pumps of serum on to your hair ends, then spritz your hair with the thermal shield. The serum & shield can also be used on dry hair, for daily styling between washes.

Featured Product: Love your Hair

Davines Love Portland

For people with harsh, frizzy or curly hair, finding the right shampoo & conditioner can be a battle. Enter your new ally- Davines Love.

Love Curl Enhancing contains Myrtle extract to moisturize and reinforce the scalp, olive amphoacetate to gently cleanse & olive oil peg-7 ester as an emollient agent. The conditioner features pistachio oil as an anti-oxidant, and rice wax to nourish & help prevent dehydration. Smooth your hair’s natural curl, for volume and softness.

Love Smoothing is formulated for harsh, frizzy hair. The shampoo features Indian gig extract for moisture, and rice proteins to protect your hair; while the conditioner compacts rough cuticles and protects hair with Borage seed oil.

Both lines are exceptionally easy to use in your daily regimen- for shampooing, gently massage into damp hair & rinse. Repeat if needed. To condition, apply a small amount to your damp, clean hair, starting at approximately your ear lengths. Leave in for a few minutes, comb through, and then rinse. Style as you like.